Naya Rivera Search Will Include Cabins on Lake Piru


Authorities will search cabins that line Lake Piru ... not because they believe Naya Rivera is there, but because there has been so much social media activity about the cabins that law enforcement wants to put the theory to bed.

An official from the Ventura County Sheriff's Dept. tells TMZ ... they have been seeing a ton of Twitter users imploring cops to search the cabins in the area ... presumably, because they think Naya may have made her way to one.

The official tells us ... they do NOT believe Naya is in a cabin. They're confident she's still in the water, but nevertheless, a search team will walk the area where the cabins are located.  Deputies will knock on doors and ask if they know anything about Naya's whereabouts.

If a cabin is not occupied, deputies will peer inside for any signs.

That said, the focus of the search is still Lake Piru, where Naya went missing Wednesday while swimming with her 4-year-old son. Because of extremely poor visibility due to debris in the water, searchers will be primarily relying on sonar.

Symbols of Hate Racists Display Confederate Flag with Noose On Truck

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An Indiana man is proud of himself this weekend, thinking he cleverly combined 2 symbols of hate -- the Confederate flag, and a noose. And, he has them displayed on the back of his pickup truck.

The man was in Bedford, Indiana when he recorded himself next to his pickup truck with the flag adhered to the back. Draped over the flag -- a noose.

He and one of his cohorts joked that it was just a leash for his dog, which itself is thinly-veiled dog-whistling. The men joked they couldn't understand why someone would leave a note on their car in disapproval.

These racist episodes are all the more troubling because the people who are spewing hate are the ones recording themselves doing it and then posting it on social media.

Radio Host 'Karen' Attacks Landscapers ... 'It's America, Speak English!'

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A radio host in New Hampshire went on a vile, racist tirade against a group of workers doing their job, because they dared to speak Spanish.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It's almost unbelievable ... Diana Ploss saw the workers who were doing landscaping in downtown Nashua, and she just went nuts, screaming, "It's America. Speak English!"

Her ignorance is breathtaking ... she assumes they're working for the State of New Hampshire, as if that would justify her comments. For the record, there's no law in New Hampshire that we found prohibiting people from speaking languages other than English.

They correct her, saying they are a private company, but she's not deterred, hurling insults and making ridiculous demands.

An African-American man who happened to witness her tirade comes by and confronts her, and she barks back, "Because he's a black man. He's gonna protect the brown man from this white woman." Afterward, she posted on her Facebook page, "I'm not backing down."

We've seen a lot of racist videos, but rarely is the person who shoots it the racist herself.  BTW ... Ploss reportedly quit her job in 2016 to campaign for Trump.

There's a petition circulating for her to get the ax from her radio station. Hopefully, the petition is written in English and Spanish.

Black Lives Matter PA. Cop Uses Chokehold on African-American Man

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Black Lives Matter to Lehigh Valley / Facebook

A Pennsylvania city is the latest to deal with the outrage over cops holding a man down with a knee to the neck ... and the incident was captured on video, quite by accident.

A man was driving on a street in Allentown Saturday afternoon when he saw cops trying to subdue a man. A few seconds into the video you see an officer in the same position that killed George Floyd and others.

The man recording the incident says what he's watching makes it clear ... black lives don't matter to these cops.

Famed Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump was among the outraged, saying, "Allentown Police held down this man's face to the pavement and then one of its officers placed their knee on his neck!! This happened yesterday and is exactly what led to #GeorgeFloyd's death.  We need this officers name and bade# NOW #ICantBreathe."

The police dept. recently banned the use of chokeholds and other neck restraints, so at the very least this would seem to violate department policy.

@DanMoscaritolo / Twitter

Protests erupted in the area -- organized by Black Lives Matter -- once the video was posted on social media. The Mayor and Police Chief showed up to keep the peace.

It's unclear why police were trying to subdue the man. Police have not released any details, including the man's condition.

Lil Marlo Shot Dead in Atlanta

Exclusive Details

Rapper Lil Marlo was shot to death over the weekend in Atlanta ... law enforcement confirms with TMZ.

Cops tell us, they responded to a call late Saturday night. The call came in as a car accident on Interstate 285 in downtown Atlanta, but when police arrived they found the rapper had been shot. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

An police official tells TMZ, the investigation so far points to Lil Marlo being shot while he was driving.  The official adds, "At this time, investigators believe the victim was the intended target of the gunfire and they are working to determine the circumstances surrounding the shooting."

The Medical Examiner confirmed with us they have the body of Rudolph Johnson ... that's Lil Marlo's government name.

@2jz_bino / Instagram

Someone shot video of the aftermath.

Lil Yachty broke the news Sunday morning, saying, "We just did a song a 4 this morning smh rip brother."

Lil Marlo was signed to the Quality Control label and scored big with several songs, including "1st N 3rd," "F****em" and "9 + Z6ne = 1'5."

Marlo was in good company at QC ... other artists include Migos, Lil Yachty, Lil Baby and City Girls.

Marlo joined Quality Control in 2017 ... you hear him on "The Load" with Lil Baby and Gucci Mane.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Lil Marlo leaves behind a daughter and a son. On Father's Day he posted a video of himself and the little girl ... you see her trying to put a shoe on her father's foot. He captioned the post, "Thanks For Making Me Y'all Father I Wouldn't Trade Y'all For Da World."

Lil Marlo was 30.


Naya Rivera Ex Ryan Dorsey's Emotional Trip to Lake Piru

Naya Rivera's ex-husband, Ryan Dorsey, made his way to Lake Piru Saturday, and the emotion was palpable.

Ryan, whose son was on the boating trip when Naya disappeared last Wednesday, ventured out into the water -- just like Naya's dad -- as if to gain a connection to her. He then sat by himself as authorities continued their search for Naya's body.


Naya's father, George, and her brother also went into the water and stood, as if to pray.

As we reported, Naya and her 4-year-old son, Josey, were on a boating outing when they jumped in for a swim and she disappeared ... this according to what he told authorities.

The lake is littered with trees and debris and visibility is almost non-existent. So far, there are no signs of Naya's body. She would be the 9th person to drown in the lake since the mid-'90s, and locals are demanding better warnings for swimmers, alerting them to the dangers.

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

The country's in trouble, folks. Lots of anger and lots of COVID. So we gotta ask ...










Tekashi 6ix9ine House Arrest Ends in Weeks ... Vows to be Safe, All Biz


6ix9ine's time on home confinement is almost up, and while fans are probably expecting some of his classic antics ... he claims he'll be cautious and motivated by one thing -- making music.

The rapper will be a relatively free man on or about August 1, when his house arrest ends, after getting out of prison back in April due to the pandemic.

He'll still be on supervised release for 5 years, but free to go out and about on his own, which raises the obvious concern ... whether or not he can stay out of trouble.

Tekashi's attorney, Lance Lazzaro, tells TMZ ... his client's not thinking like that -- he's focused on work, security and elevating his music career. The "Trollz" rapper will need permission from the judge to leave the Southern and Eastern Districts of NY, but Lazzaro says that shouldn't be an issue as long as 6ix9ine proves he's leaving for legit work ... which is his plan.

Of course, going back out in public also means heightened concern about revenge for snitching. Lazzaro says 69's going to be consulting with his security team on every move and will be extra careful, even when conducting business.

Keeping a low-profile's never been Tekashi's thing, but his lawyer says that's what he intends to do. We're told he's not planning to attend any events, at least for a while. Not that there's a hell of a lot happening thanks to COVID-19.

The biggest perk of 6ix9ine's house arrest ending, according to Lazzaro, will be access to artists and execs interested in working with him ... as well as better studios for recording tracks and music vids.

Tekashi's been forced to do all of that out of his residence for the past few months -- though it's worked out very well for him.

Of course, he'll have to keep his nose clean and stay away from people with gang ties. It's a no-brainer he'll want to avoid them, but he's gotta hope they're not looking for him.

Sip Mask Threatens Zipper Mask Competitor ... 'Knockoff' is Dangerous!!!


The coronavirus pandemic has two companies who make face masks tailored for eating and drinking on the verge of an all-out legal war ... and their beef just got real!!!

Sip Mask USA is threatening its zipper mask competitor Shut Your Mouth with a $1 million lawsuit ... firing off a cease and desist letter claiming SYM is violating its intellectual property by hawking an "unsafe knockoff" for $26.99.

In the threatening legal letter, obtained by TMZ, Sip Mask claims it started selling face coverings with zippers that allow users to safely sip beverages through a "straw port" back in March, and says Shut Your Mouth never got its permission to start selling unsafe knockoffs.

Sip Mask says its masks feature medical-grade fabric to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and claims they are fireproof. The company says the alleged knockoffs have several design flaws -- non-medical grade materials, exposing the mouth when unzipped, and fire risk if users decide to light up while using the mask.

In the legal threat, Sip Mask claims Shut Your Mouth is exposing itself to at least $1 million in liabilities ... and the company wants its competitor to stop selling its masks or face further legal action.

We reached out to Shut Your Mouth ... so far, the company is keeping its mouth shut.

Terrelle Pryor Gunning For NFL Comeback ... I've Had Talks With Pats


Terrelle Pryor tells TMZ Sports his NFL career ain't done yet ... the wide receiver is gearing up for a comeback, and says he's already spoken with the Patriots about a possible signing.

The 31-year-old hasn't played in a regular-season game since 2018 ... and after he nearly lost his life in a stabbing incident back in Nov. -- some thought his career was done.

But, Pryor tells us he's been working like a maniac to get back on the field ... and says he and his reps have already been in contact with several teams -- including New England.

"There have been conversations with a couple -- five teams," Pryor tells us.

But, TP says because of the COVID-19 pandemic ... he hasn't been able to get a tryout with anyone just yet, but he's confident that'll change soon.

Pryor says he's fully healthy now ... and would really love a shot to catch passes from either Cam Newton in New England or Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh.

"Those two are very intriguing," Pryor says. "Especially Cam. I've been a big fan of him throughout the years ... And, obviously, Big Ben, that's my hometown of Pittsburgh, so that's just two teams that I really want to play for."

Pryor, though, says he's open to everybody ... and claims he's found the solutions to stop injuries that have plagued him ever since he left Cleveland after his breakout year in 2016.

"I can still play," Pryor says. "And, I can still make plays and dominate. I know that."

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Hidden within this stretched-out snap is a funny female who is best known for hosting a late-night talk show.

This blonde babe got her big start as a stand-up comedian and later made her way onto television and film ... Aside from hosting her own show, she's guest-starred in shows such as, "The Good Wife" and "Will & Grace." She has also been featured in films such as "This Means War" and "Fun Size."

Now it's time for you to put your celeb skills to the test and see if you can uncover the mystery as to which star is hidden in this warped photo!

'Die Another Day' Lambo Featured in Bond Film For $ale ... Yours for $119,500!!!

For the real James Bond buffs, peep this -- the 1992 Lamborghini Diablo that Pierce Brosnan's nemesis owned in "Die Another Day" is for sale ... but it'll cost ya a small fortune.

The folks over at Beverly Hills Car Club -- the world's largest dealer of European classic cars -- is selling a rare 1992 Lambo ... most definitely a rare opportunity for someone to own a rare piece of James Bond history.

The Lambo's ticket price is a cool $119,500 ... but the history it's attached to is undoubtedly priceless. The film -- starring Brosnan, Halle Berry, Judi Dench and John Cleese -- features tons of sweet rides including this Lambo, which was one of the personal cars belonging to Bond's nemesis, Col. Tan-Sun Moon, later known as Sir Gustav Graves.

The classic car features a timeless signature color combination of Diablo Rosso and eye-catching Nero leather and red piping interior. The Lambo features a 5-speed manual transmission, 5.7-liter engine, power windows and OZ racing staggered wheels. The only downside ... the clutch may have to be replaced.

And, if you're a stickler for mileage when buying classic cars ... this one's only got around 45k miles on it.

If ya need a little convincing, perhaps Alex Manos, owner/president of the Beverly Hills Car Club, put it best: "James Bond has always been about fascinating cars, exotic locations, and of course, beautiful women. It's a great combination and this car is no exception."

'Nuff said.

MMA Star Lance Palmer Gives PFL Ultimatum ... Book Me A Fight Or Release Me!!


MMA star Lance Palmer has a message for the PFL fighting promotion ... give me a fight or let me out of my contract!!

Palmer is a 32-year-old 2-time winner (2018, 2019) of the Professional Fighters League's million-dollar tournament ... and hoped to earn another milli competing in this year's competition.

COVID-19 had other plans ... and when the virus hit the U.S., PFL execs pulled the plug on the season.

But, now that combat sports -- the UFC, Bellator, boxing -- are back ... Lance tells TMZ Sports he's done sitting on the sidelines watching other fighters earn a living.

"PFL needs to hold an event, and it needs to be before the year's end for the athletes that are under contract, or there needs to be a release of some sort."

Despite how it may sound, Palmer says he has a ton of respect for the people who run PFL ... and isn't trying to beef with them.

"There's no threat about it. It's more of, do the right thing, and let's get a fight scheduled."

FYI, Lance hasn't fought since Dec 2019 ... and says PFL doesn't plan on booking him a bout until next summer -- an 18-month layoff.

"More than making money, it's about competing in my prime. And, to have 18 months off, and to try and hold us out until next June for the actual season, I don't agree with it at all, and that's kinda when I'm speaking out for everybody on the roster at PFL."

Palmer says plenty of other fighting organizations and sports leagues have figured out how to safely hold events while keeping athletes safe and healthy ... so blaming the layoff on COVID-19 doesn't fly anymore.

"The excuse of the coronavirus isn't an excuse anymore. There are ways to go around it, and still make it safe for the athlete."

Lance wants at least 1 -- or even 2 fights -- in 2020 ... but as of now, he's got none. Your move, PFL.

Cheyenne Parker Hot Beach Shots ... Business As Usual!

Cheyenne Parker stepped out of his beach-front office in Long Beach to recharge his batteries with some quick reps before flexing his shirtless (and shredded) professional prowess with his toes in the sand.

When Cheyenne isn't busy as a model or on shows like "Fire Island" or MTV's "Ex One The Beach" he's busy juggling some important projects like his Parker Design Studio brand that produces high end functional art sculptures, interior design and much more while focusing on LGBTQIA+ support and shares proceeds with less fortunate groups globally.

Whether it's in the boardroom or sprawled out on the shore ... this dude is taking it to the next level!

This year’s Summer Hot Shots are coming to you a little differently … we have teamed up with smoke shows from around the world to create some eye-popping photos galleries with a DIY flare (social distancing, duh!) for your viewing pleasure.

Be sure to check back each Sunday to see who’s heating up that weekend!

Naya Rivera Dad Joins Mom & Brother in Search ... Very Emotional Visit

3:11 PM PT -- Naya Rivera's father, George Rivera, just recently arrived at Lake Piru with the rest of the family -- and it's clear he was yearning to connect with his daughter any way he could.


As soon as George was withing an eyeball's distance from the lake, he beelined it for the water and went in to around knee-level. He then doused his face with the water in what looked like a very emotional moment for him.

Naya Rivera's mother and brother visited the place their loved one disappeared to help find her -- and the image of them looking out at Lake Piru beforehand is devastating.

Sometime over the last day or so ... Naya's mom, Yolanda, and her younger brother, Mychal, were at the dock where Naya's boat departed Wednesday -- only Yolanda was on her knees with her arms stretched out toward the water, and her pain is palpable.

Mychal stood by, stoically staring out as well. The "Glee" actress and singer has one other younger sibling, Nickayla, who didn't appear to be present. On Saturday, the two of them boarded a boat and put on life vests to help with the search.

It goes without saying ... the Rivera family is incredibly close.

As of Saturday afternoon, Naya's body had not been found. Ventura County authorities say she is presumed dead -- this after she took the boat out Wednesday with her 4-year-old son, Josey, but never returned. Josey was later found in the boat by himself.

Josey told officials that his mother had gone into the water but never came out.

Ventura County Sheriff's Office

Remotely operated vehicles are now being used to search the lake in the recovery mission ... but the task is extremely difficult given the debris, vegetation and trees that litter the water.

The lake itself is 1,200 acres and can reach depths of up to 130 feet.

Originally Published -- 12:56 PM PT

Houston, TX Typhoon Water Park Under Fire ... Packed Pools, No Distance


A Houston-area water park is getting hosed with backlash after their packed-to-the-gills nighttime rager got put on blast -- but the place is sticking to its guns, despite a ghastly increase in COVID cases that is about to overrun the City's ICU's.

Typhoon Texas Houston was super busy Friday night during one of its night swims. The park is known for staying open after dark ... they do a whole glow-in-the-dark show and all.

Sure enough, a lot of folks recorded the goings-on ... which amounted to little or no social distancing, on dry ground and in the pools. And, of course, hardly a masks.

Now, we've seen this before -- notably, in Wisconsin last weekend. There, too, the place was jam-packed with not a whole lot of safety precautions being taken by really anyone.

As far as Typhoon Texas goes, though, they say they're doing everything they can to keep people safe -- regular cleaning of the tubes and slides, putting out hand sanitizer stations and having their cabanas and seating areas spread out.

They also say there's tons of signage telling people to practice proper social distancing -- it certainly doesn't look like it's being enforced too extraneously if we're being honest.

It's a shame, because the COVID numbers in Texas -- much like elsewhere across the country -- are skyrocketing. Deaths in Texas are reportedly up 108% over the past seven days, and Saturday marked the highest single-day case count at 10,351. Wild figures.

But, enjoy your summer, we suppose.

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